Bleeding Llama Dance Fic - Part 17 (FINAL PART)

The two weren’t up until way past midday the next day. Dan was Dan but still they stayed anxious to see what would happen. It was still Saturday, after all, and anything could happen. Phil’s hope grew throughout the day. Secretly, so did Dan’s. But as his hope grew so did his fear.

The day passed on, and then they were counting the seconds until midnight. Five, four, three, two.. ‘Oh my God,’ Phil said. ‘Oh my God YOU’RE DAN. YOU’RE. Oh my-‘

Dan’s face fell. He wasn’t expecting this. This was all too.. He was actually okay. The curse was gone.

He was bowled over by Phil hugging him via a lunge. He laughed. He was actually..

Phil fell to the floor and dragged out his MacBook, opening Twitter and tumblr and Youtube, posting everywhere that he and Dan were back. Dan ran to his room and dived to his bed, pulling out his laptop and doing the same.

Throughout the night his and Phil’s mentions were full of joyful banter, between themselves and their followers. #WelcomeBackPhilandDan trended, and the online festivities continued for hours.

Around 5am, Dan began to feel tired. He continued to tweet though, he was adamant that he’d make it through until daylight. Phil had obviously different plans though, as his lack of tweets showed.

Dan called with his new-found but still shaky voice. ‘Phil?’ He laughed. ‘Phil, you okay? Twitter misses you!’

There was a silence. He must be asleep-


Dan laughed. ‘You’ve returned to us then?’

A pause.

'No, Dan, really..'

Dan was confused at Phil’s tone of voice, but continued to chuckle at yet another hilarious tweet appearing in his mentions.


Dan sat up at the urgency in Phil’s voice. What was actually going on?

And then his eyes widened with horror as Dan heard Phil emit that all-too-familiar cry of pain.


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